Caitlin is a fantasy writer, adventurer, and all-around awesome person (and humble too!). She loves books and ice cream and scarves and pretending (especially if there’s a costume involved in said pretending). Her least favorite question is “so, where are you from?” because she really just doesn’t have a good answer for it. Planet Earth. There.

Caitlin (18)

After graduating with a  B.S. in public health and being set free to health-ify the public, she worked as a guest speaker lecturing about health topics to students from kindergarten through college. And that was cool and all, but not as fun as what came next: writing!

Caitlin started writing after a move across the U.S. with her husband, while she searched for work. She set pen to paper (or rather, finger to keys) and never looked back. It quickly became clear that writing was much more exciting than having a real job and she continued work on her book after finding employment. She is currently seeking representation for her epic fantasy novel, Nightmare Red.

As luck would have it, Caitlin’s next move took her out of the country for the second time in her life, and she resides now in China, where her husband pays the bills and Caitlin spends way too much of her time trying to find food she recognizes to put on the dinner table. (Seriously though…way too much time.)

Follow along on the blog for a hefty dose of upbeat expat woes, travel adventures, writing escapades, and laughs on life.

Caitlin (129)

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