Good Day

Guys. Yesterday I had an email from the library saying a book I’d put on hold had come in. And then I went to pick it up and there were four books on hold for me. Four! So, yeah, good day. Plus I made lemon ice cream last night, which probably would have fixed anything that had gone wrong in the day anyway.

So easy and sooo good.

So easy and sooo good.

And then today I woke up two hours later than I meant to. Which, since it’s spring break for Terry and I work from home and set my own hours, also turned out to be a good thing. So today’s shaping up to be a good day too.

The smallest little things are what make days great for me. Writing that scene the other night that’s been swimming in my head for a week or two? Made my day. Telling Terry all about my book (again) last night? Made my day. The sunshine? Makes my day all the time. Nailing a branch to my wall? Makes my day (don’t worry – I’ll explain that one later).

So here’s to hoping your day is shaping up to be good, too. I hope it’s filled with tiny successes and understated beauties. Tell me, what is it about your life that you’re enjoying right now?

4 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. It’s my favorite month in this half of the year! (The other favorite is October.) Spring is coming, but it’s not hot out, it’s cloudy and rainy as often as it’s sunny, and there’s the smell of damp earth and the sound of dripping water everywhere. *Squees!*

  2. Too bad I don’t live close to you anymore….I would be heading right over to sample some of that ice cream! ;)

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