A bit about the epic fantasy novel I’ve been writing: 

Talvrez is an assassin bound by oath (and compelled by a delightful little death threat) to kill anyone predicted to threaten his island’s safety. But stars know, he’ll do whatever it takes to be rid of his oath. And he may have found a way, but it involves his brother, and may turn innocent Jasten, with his ridiculous rule-following tendencies, into the kind of villain Talvrez is sworn to kill. But to never have to scrub blood from his hands again? Talvrez can’t pass that chance up.

But Jasten discovers that magic can be stolen from the bones of the dead—or anyone you can make dead. And really, body-snatching from graves and killing doesn’t seem so bad once Jasten has taken Talvrez’s lessons to heart. If Talvrez can’t turn Jasten from the dark path he’s started him on, Talvrez will have to choose between letting his brother destroy their island, or destroying the brother he still believes in.

Talvrez’s first mistake was believing he couldn’t be the hero. His second was believing his brother could.

I’m currently seeking representation for my completed 117,000 word novel, IF SHADOWS SPOKE.

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