A bit about the epic fantasy novel I’ve been writing: 

Tal’s first mistake was believing he couldn’t be a hero. His second was believing his brother could.

On an island that holds the entirety of the world’s magic, Tal is a reluctant, vigilante assassin who inherited the duty to kill anyone predicted to be a victim of the Shadow—an ancient and nearly-forgotten force that turns people into vicious echoes of themselves. The island has been drifting through the ocean for centuries, regularly crossing under the Shadow. Supposedly, Tal is protecting his people, but cutting their throats in the dead of night has never felt like protection. And stars know, he’ll do whatever it takes to be rid of his oath.

Enter his brother, Jast—good-hearted, cheery as the sun on a summer’s day, and blissfully unaware of Tal’s work. When Jast receives the year-long magical Power he’s entitled to as a citizen of the island, Tal realizes Jast’s unique magic could be the key to grounding the island and eradicating the Shadow. But it would mean tricking Jast into splitting off a piece of his soul and killing it. Even so, Tal is just desperate enough to be rid of his oath to risk it.

But Jast discovers a tantalizing secret: that magic can be stolen from the bones of the dead. And it makes him wonder—why should he stop at just one Power? Why should anyone? It’s exactly the kind of nightmare Tal has been trying to prevent, and if he’s wrong about Jast, he’ll have to choose between leaving his world to the devastation of the Shadow, or destroying the brother he still believes in.

A nightmare is awakening in the bones of the island’s inhabitants. A nightmare not even a hero can stop.

But then, Tal has never been a hero.

Caitlin (53)

I’m currently seeking representation for my completed 117,000 word novel, IF SHADOWS SPOKE.

11 thoughts on “Writing

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  2. Hi, we don’t know each other, but I’m a friend of Mackenzie’s and was directed here from your guest post on her blog. I just wanted to say that the plot of Nightmare Red really intrigued me, and I hope to pick it up off the shelves some day! Best wishes with your writing!

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  6. I really like this so far! 😀
    I can’t wait until it comes out so I can buy it and read it! This is just the kind of stuff I love to read.
    PS. I love Talvrez’s name :).

    • Thank you Emma! It’s the kind of stuff I like to read too so it’s fun to hear it fits someone else’s taste as well. And my husband actually came up with Talvrez’s name. I’m awfully fond of it. 🙂

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